Let the living begin

I sat in church last Sunday and heard this question many times during my pastor’s sermon? The first time he asked, I immediately thought “of course, I’m living.” Right? I’m here, aren’t I? As he started to explore and dig deeper with the question. I resulted by the end of the day that maybe….just maybe.. I’m only alive. Being alive meant just taking things as they come. Doing the same thing everyday. There’s nothing new. You don’t try anything. You don’t do anything. You’re. Just. There.

Now I took living as actually enjoying life. No, it doesn’t mean you live this eventful life every day but you do enjoy it. I realized I’ve fallen into contentment with just work and home lately. Trust me, if it isn’t Netflix and my bed on the weekends, I want no part of it. During the work week, I’m only at work and home with Netflix on the side. There’s no adventure like it used to be even if it was only just a two hour trip on the weekends.

This weekend has been a great turn for a change. I had family in town for a visit, and every day has been something. We’ve gone from bowling to just random moments of driving around. I have not been clouded with worries about my low income, depressed about my job, or just all around sad about circumstances. I know the family has got to go back home, but I look forward to keeping up with this moment. Let the living begin!


First Blog Jitters

Ah! First Blog Jitters! lol Hi, I’m Cassi. It’s been days since I have created this account. I had pondered about it for some time before. I wasn’t sure what to write about. I wasn’t sure I could commit (life decisions, man!), but I can distinctly remember the day I decided to just do it.

I had only been at work for two hours and was already bored with it. I was disgusted with the person I had become since working there. I noticed I had become a tired, bitter worker and I’m not even in my 30s!  Right then and there, I decided to at least follow through with something.  I’m not sure what I will continuously blog about, but I do know I wanted a safe place to express myself. So here we are. Let the journey begin. 🙂